API Reporting

What is API Reporting?

The Adverty API reporting provides the ability for instant on-demand reporting data from the monetization ad units you got with Adverty, based on aggregated performance measurements such as revenue and impressions per user geo location, platform etc. 

Quick Start

Getting started with our API reporting is easy, for getting a CSV report for any specific day or for a whole month just use the links below, no extra steps needed. Use portal credentials for an authentication.

If you want to get raw data, all reports are accessible via cURL request and can be afterwards passed to your favorite reporting system.

  • curl -u email:password -X GET
  • curl -u email:password -X GET


Keep in mind that API reports are generated each day and can’t give you the live statistics for current day. If you do so – you’ll get an empty report. Also if you see a missing days in your monthly report it means that not a single impression was done that day.


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