Brand Safety Policy

At Adverty we take the protection of our advertisers brands extremely seriously. As a pioneer in seamless advertising we also recognise that we have a responsibility to promote policies that ensure that advertisers can have the confidence when placing their brand in environments managed by Adverty

Our inventory is unique. We cannot simply apply the standard web approach to brand safety. Our inventory is all in-app, one of the safest environments for brands to appear in

We believe there are 2 key elements to provide brands with an environment that they can have faith in – brand safety & user satisfaction

Our approach to:

Brand Safety

We believe that providing quality inventory and environments is crucial. It is a priority for Adverty to ensure that a brand will never appear next to content that has the potential to harm a brand

This means that we have put strict measures in place to ensure that brands will not appear next to adult content, content containing malware or adware, content insighting any kind of hate or racism, terror content, content featuring illegal drugs, or delivering fraudulent clicks

How do we ensure brand safety and anti-piracy?

In-app is amongst the safest of environments for brands to advertise. It is free of unpredictable user generated content, is scalable, is interactive and generates significant dwell time

However, in-app advertising is very different from web advertising, and as such we require different ways of assuring all of our advertising placements are brand safe and free from piracy

These are the methods we employ to ensure that:

App store verification and more

  • • All of the apps that provide our inventory have already been vetted by Apple (App Store), Google (Play), Facebook (Oculus) or Steam. We are not present in any apps that are available anywhere else
  • • In addition to this, Adverty manually vets any apps that are added to the Adverty platform to ensure that their content is appropriate for our advertisers

PEGI certification

  • • Each of these app stores uses either the ESRB or PEGI age guidance systems as is relevant. Each game is rated PEGI 3, PEGI 7, PEGI 12, PEGI 16, PEGI 18, or ESRB E, E10, T, M or A
  • • Advertisers are able to include or exclude any of the PEGI rated levels they need to
  • • For more information on PEGI, visit
  • • For more information on ESRB, visit

Context targeting

  • • Every app within our network is meta tagged by the developer with a context. We approve the context, and advertisers can buy against specific contexts that fit their audience (e.g. futuristic, sport, social), and exclude any contexts that do not fit their requirements

White listing and black listing

  • • We maintain a comprehensive whitelist of apps that are updated on a regular basis
  • • We also adhere to specific blacklists, as specified by buyers, and report clearly by individual apps

User Satisfaction

The second part to providing an environment in which advertisers can have confidence that their brand will not be viewed in a negative way is in ensuring that the ad experience itself is positive and does not annoy users

Our approach is to seamlessly integrate into the apps in which our ad placements are present. All of our ads are native and unobtrusive and do not impact user engagement in any way unless the user explicitly initiates an interaction

We also comply with the standards of the Coalition for Better Ads

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