Guideline: Verifying your inventory with App-ads.txt

What is App-ads.txt? 

App-ads.txt is an initiative from IAB with the goal of increasing the transparency in programmatic in-app advertising. With this initiative, publishers and owners of ad inventory can authorize the sellers with the goal of decreasing ad fraud. You can read more about app-ads.txt and ads.txt on IAB’s FAQ for ads.txt and app-ads.txt.  

Why should Adverty be included in my App-ads.txt? 

Most advertisers require control and transparency in the supply chain and will likely not buy inventory that isn’t authorized by the inventory owner. When integrating Adverty to your games, it is important that you include Adverty in your app-ads.txt since most advertisers don’t buy non-authorized inventory, meaning that most of your inventory would be unsold.  

How do I verify Adverty with my app-ads.txt? 

  1. Make sure that the store pages for your games on Google Play or App Store is up to date with your website link. 
  2. Upload the provided details to your app-ads.txt file on your website. If you have not received these details from us, send us an email with the subject “App-Ads.txt”.

If you currently do not have an app-ads.txt file on your website, please read the IAB App-ads.txt guide to learn more.

You can always send us an email if you have any questions.

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