Adverty adds support for HoloLens 2 to enable unique interaction with ad units in Mixed Reality

February 26, 2019

Adverty AB (publ) updates its platform to support Microsoft’s new Mixed Reality headset. The HoloLens 2 was presented recently at the Mobile World Congress (February 25 – 28, 2019, in Barcelona).

Mixed Reality is a technology for smart glasses that gives the user a visual experience where the real world is augmented with virtual objects. The technology is already used successfully in the corporate world and is on its way into ordinary consumers’ everyday lives within the foreseeable future.

Leading global companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, and Magic Leap rally to develop versions of the technology tailored to the mass market. The launch of HoloLens 2 represents a significant milestone in this development and the improvements from the predecessor (HoloLens 1) is focused on an expanded field of view, better comfort and a completely new technique for gesture recognition, where the glasses now can register the user’s hand movements down to individual fingers, without the need for special gloves or hand-held controls.

Last October, Adverty opened up its Mixed Reality ad network with the launch of their platform that enables seamless advertising in, for example, the HoloLens (1) game PuzzlAR: World Tour, which can be downloaded for free in the Microsoft Store.

“An app developed for Mixed Reality with the new gesture recognition feature in HoloLens 2 could in real-time insert interactive, three-dimensional virtual advertisements into your real world. For example a brand specific virtual soft drink can, where the user could open the can with his hands and fingers, just like in the real world, or move it around within the limitations the app developer has defined. The interaction with various ad objects could be rewarded with so-called “in-game” currencies or extended gameplay time to name a few practical applications”, explains Niklas Bakos, CEO and co-founder of Adverty.

“Advertys BrainImpression™ algorithm which determines if an advertisement was perceived or not by the consumer has a very advantageous starting point when used in combination with interactive, three-dimensional ad objects since it is natural to center your vision and focus on what you are interacting with”, continues Bakos.

Before the technology with three-dimensional, interactive advertising objects reaches the mass market, further standardization work is necessary and Adverty is taking its position as a technology leader in immersive advertising to initiate this process. The company has signed partnership agreements with major players in the industry and works together with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), from which Adverty recently was awarded a Gold Standard IAB certificate, the first assigned to a member specializing in immersive advertising.

“The development of interactive, three-dimensional advertising is an important part of Adverty’s strategy, to provide a single platform that supports both the mass market of today with mobile apps and games and the markets of tomorrow, consisting of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality”, concludes Bakos.


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