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Adverty and NumberEight Announce Strategic Partnership for Market-First Real-time Demographic Targeting in In-Play Advertising

June 19, 2023

Mobile gaming engages one in three smartphone users worldwide, totaling nearly 2 billion people[1], a staggering number. However, brands have struggled to fully capitalize on game advertising despite the fact that it is a top spending area for performance advertisers. This challenge stems from the limited player data from most game publishers, leaving brands unaware of their target audience. To revolutionize the mobile gaming ad industry, NumberEight and Adverty have collaborated to introduce market-first real-time demographic targeting and privacy-first addressability for In-Play advertising.

NumberEight, a leading behavioral intelligence company, has reimagined user identity management through AI technology and untapped mobile data, enabling accurate prediction of users’ behavioral data. Recently, NumberEight expanded its data offering to include a new demographic feature, allowing advertisers to precisely target users’ age and gender without relying on personal identifiers or personally identifiable information (PII).

Adverty, a leading in-game advertising provider and creator of the programmatic In-Play ad format, has partnered with NumberEight to bring this groundbreaking technology to mobile gaming. This partnership marks the first instance where full addressable gaming inventory will be available, presenting an opportunity to transform mobile gaming advertising. Together, Adverty and NumberEight empower brands with comprehensive data-driven insights and the ability to reach their desired audience precisely and efficiently, reshaping the landscape of mobile gaming advertising.

Abhishek Sen, CEO at NumberEight, expressed his excitement about the partnership with Adverty and highlighted the vast market potential of in-game advertising, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Adverty and bring our innovative technology to the realm of mobile gaming. In-game advertising holds immense opportunities for brands, and our partnership will unlock the full potential of this market. Combining NumberEight’s behavioral intelligence with Adverty’s expertise in immersive in-game advertising will empower advertisers with precise targeting capabilities and deliver engaging and relevant advertising experiences – a first in the world of mobile in-game advertising.”


“We are extremely excited about this partnership, which revolutionizes In-Play advertising with privacy-first addressability and precise demographic targeting, something we have been looking to solve for years. This collaboration will reshape personalized advertising while respecting user privacy and that is a big thing for this industry. Again, we are leading the innovation for In-Play advertising”, says Jonas Söderqvist, CEO of Adverty.

As both companies continue to innovate and drive advancements in the field of in-game advertising, advertisers and brands can expect a more targeted and engaging advertising experience.

About NumberEight

NumberEight’s behavioral intelligence reimagines identity by establishing behavior-based cohorts and in-moment user activity. By enriching their inventory with this intelligence, publishers allow advertisers to grab their audiences’ attention to increase the value of their impressions. Since the privacy-by-design solution leverages edge AI technology, it simultaneously increases publishes’ regulatory immunity.


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