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Adverty and NumberEight: McDonald's Achieves a 58% Uplift in Brand Preference Through the Fusion of Gaming and ID-less Demographic Targeting

January 22, 2024

McDonald’s achieved a remarkable 58% increase in brand preference by promoting their Pokemon Happy Meals through a VOOH In-Game Billboard Campaign, leveraging innovative ID-less targeting capabilities.

As a global quick-service food giant, McDonald’s has made a successful foray into gaming with an inventive VOOH (Virtual Out-of-Home) in-game billboard campaign.  McDonald’s harnessed the combined power of Adverty, a pioneer in In-Play advertising,  and NumberEight’s State-of-the-art ID-less demographic targeting solution, Euclid Lite, which produced outstanding results. In the extensive gaming landscape, with over 3 billion users, McDonald’s aimed to boost consideration, intent, and loyalty among gamers, targeting parents and younger adults (18-24)[1]

But how does real-time demographic targeting actually work? The adoption of AI and large language models (LLMs) plays a pivotal role in NumberEight’s cutting-edge solution, which leverages probabilistic machine learning algorithms to predict the age and gender of users. It analyzes diverse data inputs, including demographic data in bid requests, app features (like color palettes and descriptions), census data, device information (manufacturer, model, user agent string), and more. This enables advertisers to deliver precise, relevant ads without relying on traditional cookies or IDs, ensuring both personalization and user privacy.

Chris Lombardi, President & Co-Founder of APEX Mobile Media, a key partner of Adverty, underscored the success: “By leveraging premium high-impact in-game placements with our partners at Adverty and data from NumberEight, we were able to effectively reach and drive awareness for McDonald’s Pokemon promotion.”

Remarkable Results Unveiled

The collaboration between McDonald’s, Adverty, and NumberEight has delivered a remarkable brand performance uplift:

36% uplift in consideration: Ad recallers significantly leaned towards considering McDonald’s for future purchases.

345% uplift in specific intent: Ad recallers exhibited a substantial increase in positive actions related to McDonald’s.

58% uplift in brand preference: When faced with choices among competitors, ad recallers overwhelmingly chose McDonald’s.


A Game-Changing Partnership

The triumphant integration of Adverty and NumberEight’s solutions not only enabled McDonald’s to harness the power of gaming but also achieved outstanding success in consideration, intent, and loyalty. This collaboration showcases the immense potential of real-time demographic targeting in gaming environments, opening new avenues for brands to connect with their target audiences seamlessly. McDonald’s, Adverty, and NumberEight have set a new standard for innovative and impactful advertising in the gaming space.

[1] Disclaimer: NumberEight’s ID-less demographic solutions are provided for age and gender ad targeting and should not be used for regulatory or compliance purposes.

About NumberEight

NumberEight is a pioneering behavioral intelligence company that has reimagined identity by transforming seemingly senseless data from sensors, ad requests, and content information into meaningful insights. Their innovative approach empowers publishers to enhance their inventory with intelligent, ID-less data, enabling advertisers to captivate their audiences’ attention and elevate the value of their ad impressions—all without the need for IDs or PIIs. This positions the advertising ecosystem for a privacy-first future.

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