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Adverty attended OMR Festival 2023 and it was like DMEXCO on Steroids

May 12, 2023

The OMR Festival is a digital marketing expo on the grandest of levels, held annually in Hamburg, Germany. 80,000 (and it felt like more at times) marketing professionals, industry experts and digital enthusiasts from around the world all gather to chat about the latest trends, insights, and innovations in the digital marketing industry.

The festival features a range of activities, including keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking events, all designed to provide attendees with valuable insights and actionable strategies to improve their digital marketing efforts for the year ahead. The event also includes an exhibition hall where attendees can meet with vendors and explore the latest technologies and solutions in the industry. 

On the first night of OMR, Adverty co-hosted a networking event for industry professionals, with the majority of attendees being mainly from agency planning leads or brand marketing decision makers. Whilst our guests enjoyed delicious, authentically barbequed Currywurst and locally brewed lager, Adverty and League-M announced our partnership and showcased some of our recent campaigns. 

Just some of those whose interest we gained at the party were Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Kellogg’s and the VW group. 
Some of the notable speakers this year that participated were Tennis Legends Serena Williams and Boris Becker, Scooter Braun and André Shürrle. The festival is known for its high-quality content, engaging speakers, and vibrant atmosphere. The difficulty is keeping the time free to attend the speeches and finding a seat! 

Amongst the mayhem and navigating the many halls and through waves of fellow media enthusiasts, many good meetings were held. Catching up with Showheroes around exciting projects for the future, current partners such as some of our lovely SSP friends and local market-leading media agencies such as Dept, the future is looking bright for the In-Game channel and OMR has absolutely proven itself to be a fantastic venue to further broaden Adverty’s ever-growing presence. 

Overall, the OMR Festival 2023 was an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in digital marketing to learn, network, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in the industry. Though the majority of attendees were focused on the German and DACH markets, we made connections from across the globe and helped to spread the word of In-Play advertising to media moguls from multiple markets.

Hamburg, Adverty will certainly be back! 

Thanks for your time!

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