Adverty becomes first immersive technology company to receive the IAB UK Gold Standard Certificate

December 7, 2018

Adverty, the leading immersive advertising platform for mobile, VR and AR, was this week awarded the IAB UK’s Gold Standard Certification, validating their commitment to providing advertisers with safe environments in which to advertise in immersive realities and mobile in-game environments. Adverty is the first immersive tech company to achieve the valuable certification.

The certification is a key element in the IAB’s (Interactive Advertising Bureau) mission to build a sustainable future for digital advertising. To date, companies such as Facebook, Spotify, GroupM, AppNexus, Oath and Teads have been certified, which positions Adverty as the first company involved in immersive realities to receive the accreditation.

The certification assures advertisers that Adverty is committed to building and providing technology to enable brand safe advertising environments, avoiding ad fraud and providing a positive brand experience for consumers.

“We have been committed to doing things right for both advertisers and consumers from the beginning and we are delighted that the IAB have recognized our commitment to providing a safe environment for brands and an experience that is respectful to the viewer. We are convinced that the future of advertising is about seamless integration, not interruption. That has been our mantra from the start and as a result, we were able to adhere to the IAB’s principles.” explains Adam Hemming, Adverty Chief Revenue Officer.

“It is highly satisfying to receive IAB’s recognition as a result of our hard work and commitment to providing according to the highest standards. I am personally very proud of this recognition from IAB.” says Niklas Bakos, Adverty CEO.

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