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Adverty enters exclusive framework agreement with Europe's leading entertainment sales house Venatus Media

February 13, 2019

Adverty, the leading global supplier of advertising solutions for immersive media has entered into an exclusive agreement with Venatus Media to sell ads globally through Adverty’s mobile, VR and AR apps network. The first advertising campaigns are expected to launch in early Q2 of 2019.

The exclusive framework agreement enables Venatus Media and their advertising clients to buy into the Adverty network of mobile, VR and AR applications and games on a global basis. Venatus Media, who works with clients such as Unilever, Disney, Nintendo, Paramount, Warner, Renault, Nintendo, KFC and Hasbro, currently distributes advertising campaigns to over 100 million users globally, will now exclusively offer Adverty’s solution for seamless in-game advertising to their existing and future clients.

The ongoing agreement will see Venatus Media and Adverty share revenue for advertising campaigns placed within the terms and conditions of the agreement, according to industry praxis.

Adam Hemming, Chief Revenue Officer of Adverty said, “Venatus have a strong heritage with youth focused brands and an especially strong connection with the world of gaming, so we feel this will be an important and exciting partnership, giving us access to key advertisers and contribute to our growth story”.

Rob Gay, Co-Founder and CEO of Venatus Media commented, “Adverty’s seamless and immersive advertising platform presents a new media channel to our advertisers, which will support our positioning for 2019 and beyond. We see their solutions being a key part of our offering going forward.”

The first advertising campaigns for Virtual Reality are expected to launch in early Q2, followed by Augmented Reality and mobile specific campaigns shortly after.

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