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Adverty Integrates with LoopMe SSP to Expand Access to its Leading In-Play Inventory

February 10, 2023

Adverty today announced a partnership with LoopMe that expands access to its market leading programmatic In-Play inventory for advertisers globally.

Adverty AB (publ), the leading in-game advertising provider and multi-patent-holding creator of the programmatic In-Play ad format, is expanding its media footprint by partnering with LoopMe, a leading technology company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve brand advertising performance.

The partnership will provide LoopMe’s advertiser clients with easy access to Adverty’s large pool of In-Play ad inventory, increasing reach and brand uplift for clients whilst respecting the gaming experience.

LoopMe closed out 2022 with $150Million in revenue, reporting 55% global growth year-on-year and 27% growth year-on-year in the APAC region alone. This demonstrates continuing demand for LoopMe’s suite of outcomes-based technology products, which do not rely on personal identifying data and are available across mobile, CTV, digital audio, digital out-of-home and other emerging digital advertising channels.

Adverty helps bring attention and uplift to brands through unobtrusive advertising in engaging, immersive gaming environments. Its revolutionary and multi-patented In-Play viewability technology is the only solution on the market in line with the recent in-game viewability measurement guidelines set by the IAB and the Media Rating Council.


About LoopMe

LoopMe, a leading outcomes-based platform, closes the loop on digital advertising. By leveraging AI to optimise media delivery in real-time, we drive measurable uplift for business outcomes and more effective advertising across online and offline marketing goals, including brand lift, purchase intent, consideration, foot traffic and sales. LoopMe was founded in 2012 with the mission to create better consumer experiences through innovation, powered by data, in order to bring people and brands together.

The Company is headquartered in the UK, with global offices across New York, Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore, Dnipro (Ukraine), Japan and Hong Kong. In January 2022, Mayfair Equity Partners, a leading tech and consumer growth investor, became LoopMe’s majority investor, partnering with the Company’s founders, Stephen Upstone and Marco van de Bergh, its wider management team, and existing institutional investors including BGF.

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