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Adverty is now a Unity Technologies Asset Store Publisher

January 15, 2020

Adverty AB (publ) is now a Unity Technologies Asset Store publisher, providing developers with easy access to its ad technology. Planned launch early 2020.


Adverty, the leading seamless in-game ad tech company, is developing a version of its Unity SDK to be enabled on the Unity Asset Store, a marketplace where all creators can find, source, and sell everything they need to be successful, including third party assets, tools, and services.

Adverty’s advertising solution uses Unity to display seamless in-game ads through an SDK launched to the public a year ago [1], accessible from the Adverty website In this new installment, the Unity SDK from Adverty will be easily accessible to developers on the Unity Asset Store.

“We are excited beyond this world to have our advertising solution customized for and soon available on the Asset Store, making it possible for developers to easily access and enable seamless, in-game advertisements directly within their production environment”, explains Niklas Bakos, CEO and founder at Adverty.

The Adverty SDK will be customized for the Asset Store and feature an easy onboarding process for developers using the service. For the ultimate experience, Adverty will include various pre-modeled ad furnitures such as billboards, floor stands and poster frames in the package, to satisfy each level of game developer interested in monetizing their creations with seamless ads.

The Adverty SDK is planned to launch early 2020 on the Asset Store.


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