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Adverty launches in-game advertising platform into casual action mobile game with close to 1 billion installs

September 30, 2019

Adverty AB (publ) has completed the integration of its seamless in-game advertising platform into a massively successful casual action mobile game, adding up nearly 1 billion gamers globally to connect with brands in joyful, brand safe environments during gameplay. The game is updated to include seamless in-game ads and available for download on the App Store and Google Play today.

The popular casual action mobile game was first launched in 2016 and has since grown globally to rank up close to 1 billion installs across iOS and Android. The integration of Adverty’s platform enables non-intrusive brand advertising within the actual gameplay and creates a new channel for advertisers to reach unique audiences effectively and brand safe.

No order value can be disclosed at this time, although the use of Adverty’s seamless advertising technology in the game will substantially increase Adverty’s ad inventory for brands, media agencies and programmatic exchanges.

“Enabling Adverty in such a beloved and widely played game is a great confirmation and sign of confidence of what Adverty can offer the market, towards advertisers as well as for publishers in the gaming industry. Simultaneously, we are giving brands and advertisers access to large scale audiences and generations who are hard to find today on other media such as television or the web. I am very excited to kick off this partnership and we look forward to achieve our mutual goals of success”, says Niklas Bakos, CEO of Adverty.

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