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Adverty Publisher Success Story: Cerebellium Apps

June 21, 2023

Cerebellium Apps is based in Madrid and known for their mobile racing titles Motorcycle Real Simulator and Car Real Simulator with over 15 million downloads. They’ve partnered with Adverty to seamlessly integrate non-intrusive ads into their Car Real Simulator, a driving simulator game with a large open-world map where you can customize and race the fastest, coolest cars in the world.

We spoke with the founder of Cerebellium Apps, Ioan Girigan, about their experience working with Adverty and how they leverage with In-Play™ to enhance their players’ gaming experience and create a new significant revenue stream.

In your opinion, what is the potential of In-Play™ ads in the gaming industry?

From my point of view, In-Play has incredible potential; it represents an additional source of revenue in such a competitive environment without affecting user retention; moreover, in our case, I believe it enhances the user experience.

Can you share specific examples of how In-Play™ ads have contributed to your revenue growth?

In the last few months, we have seen an improvement in the performance of this type of ads, which now accounts for about 10% of our revenue. It is a format that we are increasingly taking into account in our developments, and we are confident that its importance will continue to grow.

What was your experience like integrating Adverty’s platform into your games? Can you elaborate on the level of support provided by the Adverty team during the integration process?

The integration with Adverty was very simple, and we did not notice any negative impact on the performance of our apps. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give a 9 to the simplicity of the integration, with some doubts at the beginning but always counting on the assistance of the Adverty team, who not only helped us at the beginning but are always willing to give us a hand and it is really nice to work with them.

Thanks for your time!

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