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Adverty’s incredible publisher growth continues

May 22, 2023

Adverty, the leading in-game advertising provider and multi-patent-holding creator of the programmatic In-Play ad format, reports 900% supply growth in Q1 2023 compared to the same period last year. The company now hosts over 320 mobile gaming apps within its exclusive In-Play ad network, which is seen as the largest in the industry according to Apptopia, with a strong forecast for further growth during 2023.

Adverty onboarded 50 new games during the quarter, up 900% compared to Q1 2022, with 30 games launching from existing game developer partners and 20 games from 9 new partners.

Among the new partners are CarX with Drift Racing 2Destruction Crew with Rocket Soccer Derby and Demolition Derby MultiplayerFingersoft with Boom KartGameguru with Racing FeverApp Central with Master SlicerBrew Games with Shopping Mall 3DSupercent with ASMR Rainbow JellyBurger Please!Coffee Break and Hit & Run: Solo Leveling and YSO with Fury CarsFeeling Arrow and Super Thief Auto.

Almost half of the new games released from these publishers are within the Sports & Racing and Hypercasual game categories and 5 of the 9 new partners released more than one game during the period due to good initial results.

“Adverty’s innovative solution allows us to generate incremental revenue without compromising player retention, which is essential to our business. By seamlessly integrating branded ads into our games, Adverty has created an authentic ad experience that elevates the overall quality of our games and enhances player engagement”, says Burak Behnan Çiftçi, COO at Gameguru.

Existing publisher MondayOFF launched 15 new titles with In-Play ads during Q1, including Coke Factory!Electrical Manager and Popcorn Pop!Dmobin also continued to release more titles with All Jumpscare.

“We keep seeing great interest from the mobile gaming community in exploring In-Play ads and our unobtrusive approach in bringing brands into the hands of gamers, to people of all ages with all kinds of interests. Everyone is a gamer these days”, says Chloe Cave, VP Publisher Growth at Adverty. “We also continue to deeply focus on delivering flawless tech in combination with always making sure our game developer partners are happy and satisfied with our service”, Chloe adds.

Adverty has built an impressive portfolio of games using its multi-patented In-Play ad technology and the company now hosts over 320 mobile gaming apps in various genres within its exclusive network.

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