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Oracle shines a spotlight on Adverty: Online gaming trends from Louis Vuitton’s stylish game to IVT

September 30, 2021

Brands ranging from Angry Birds to McDonald’s are using Adverty’s in-game advertising platform to capitalize on new marketing opportunities while maintaining an immersive playing experience. Recently, Calle Stenson, our Director of Client Technology, offered his perspectives on the dynamic online gaming industry and how adopting Oracle Moat is strengthening our’s ad measurement capabilities. 


Q: Let’s set the scene and start with how would you describe gaming audiences today? 

A: There is increasing recognition that audiences within gaming are as varied as the games themselves. With brands such as Louis Vuitton moving into the space, clearly there is an increasing appetite for brands to enter this rich and multi-faceted world. We’re seeing growing awareness that gaming can represent the ultimate medium for storytelling and creativity. Even luxury brands, as you can see, are turning to games to engage customers in new and entertaining ways at a time when the value of gaming audiences is becoming better understood. Right now, the industry has almost three billion players globally, and it’s growing.


Q: How are game developers adopting in-game ads? What do the most successful executions have in common?

A: Game developers are waking up to the fact that seamless in-game ads can provide additional monetisation streams that do not detract from the overall experience—and, in many cases, add to it. But “seamless” is the key word. They need to work with trusted providers who offer native integrations.


Q: In the spirit of trust – let’s talk about the importance of ad measurement in the industry

A: As an industry, we are always looking to the future and to the next evolution. And this includes great strides in areas such as viewability. Advertisers require guarantees that what we say is an impression is indeed an impression. This type of trust is key—and that’s true for all parties in the ad ecosystem. 

Third-party measurement is more essential than ever for building effective media strategies, growing industry confidence, and fostering trust and understanding when it comes to in-game media environments. The industry needs common standards and definitions when it comes to in-game advertising for both general invalid traffic (GIVT) and viewability. This is just the start. By working together as an industry, we can ensure that our solutions give advertisers the confidence they need to invest in this increasingly important channel.


Q: How will this integration help marketers better understand ad performance in video games?

A: As the gaming industry continues to grow–rapidly becoming a key area of ad investment it’s crucial that advertisers can measure whether an ad was served to a human and detect fraudulent activity. To address these challenges, Oracle Moat 

offers in-game measurement for 3D advertisements, along with measurement of GIVT.

As such, this partnership represents an important step forward in understanding ad performance in burgeoning in-game environments. We’re proud to be able to equip advertisers with the confidence and tools they need to make informed buying decisions and reach highly engaged audiences.

After all, as the media industry’s attention turns to brand advertising within games, so too does the need for advertisers to have access to key indicators of media quality in this space, including the tools needed to make data-driven media decisions based on reliable data.

This will give more brands the confidence to invest in in-game advertising and to unlock previously unreachable audiences. Ad measurement also provides a foundation to measure valuable KPIs in various ad formats. Our priority is to ensure that in-game advertising is as brand safe, unobtrusive, and is as immersive as it is effective.


Q: How can partners enable Moat Analytics on Adverty?

A: Oracle Moat measures impressions and IVT across Adverty’s range of non-interruptive display inventory in mobile games. Adverty’s measurement integration with Oracle Moat provides valuable third-party verification of impression delivery and GIVT detection across direct and programmatic ad inventory.

This is available across all geographies where Adverty is live, including North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa, and it extends across Android and iOS environments.

It’s worth noting that Adverty uses a custom-built pixel solution that has been tested specifically for 3D environments, while Oracle Moat measures within 3D environments with the Adverty integration. Traditional third-party tags used in web and mobile environments do not function or translate correctly to 3D apps or games. This prevents “traditional” third-party tags from collecting meaningful ad placement, behaviour, or impression information in 3D gaming environments.


Thanks to our collective technology, it is possible to understand when ads are seen in complex, immersive 3D scenarios. This makes gaming environments similar in terms of measurement possibilities to a TV channel whereby you can buy ad units and pay per second. The potential is huge.


Check out the blog on Oracle’s website here.

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