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We empower stunning mobile, augmented and immersive virtual experiences for brands to connect with consumers at the right time and place.

Our revolutionary monetization platform lets content creators monetize with easy-to-integrate, non-intrusive in-app advertising.

Brain Impression Viewability

Our patent pending BrainImpression™ algorithm is based on research around the human eye anatomy and brain perception and utilizes the user’s complete field of view to charge for ad views and interactions.

We only charge the advertiser when we know the ads have been fully perceived by the consumer.

Contextual Targeting

Our patent pending SceneContext™ feature adds a new dimension to digital advertising reach. Not only do we target hardware, platforms, users, locations and content types, we’re diving right into the immersive experience around the ad unit with full understanding of its context and surroundings.

Ad relevancy has never been this accurate.

The Ad Unit Redefined

Today, we’re allowing advertisers to bring their current physical and digital creatives to life on mobile and in augmented and immersive virtual reality experiences. In a not so distant future we will enable animated, volumetric, 3-dimensional ad units that behave with artificial intelligence and get smarter with machine learning.

Introducing the SmartBend™ ad unit, we’re displaying brand images and videos on predefined flexible surfaces, seamlessly and perfectly integrated into digital and real worlds.

Performance Data Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Imagine if an OOH advertiser who spends a weekly fixed fee per ad unit for an estimated number of eyeballs could get real data, instantly, and only pay for actual views? We’re taking analytics to the next level with in-depth performance insights to break down ad spend or ad revenue by geo, location, scenario, ad types and devices. How long did users on average look at an ad? Where did they stand? Did they return back to the ad? During what times of the day? In which countries and cities? We have all the answers.

Full Coverage & Easy To Setup

Our platform is completely device agnostic and runs on all major devices and headsets for mobile, desktop and console.

Built as a layer on Unity and Unreal Engine, the setup for developers takes minutes and allows for ad units to be drag & dropped into the virtual scenes and interactively modified within the editor. We also support the WYSIWYG "Build XR In XR" editor in Unity and Unreal Engine for maximum creativity.

  • coming soon

Realtime Monetization Guidance

For developers, placing ad units to fit the style and design of their game or application is one thing, but making it generate impressions and monetize properly require a cleverly constructed level design.

That’s why we built ImpViz™, a tool in our Unity and Unreal Engine layer that visualizes how ad units act and generate impressions in realtime.

Built And Rendered To Perfection

Our advertising platform is technically the most advanced of its kind on the market. Built by developers (and rocket scientists) for developers, invented by marketers for advertisers. Our goal is to replicate the rules of our reality and virtually amplify them to make anything possible. We’re realistically managing occlusion, opacity, lighting conditions and other important settings when analyzing the interaction between real users and virtual advertisements.

One step at a time, we’re rolling out new exciting ad units and ways to advertise on mobile and in Virtual & Augmented Reality and behind the scenes we are building the future of advertising for the next computing phenomenon.

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