7 easy steps to get started

This tutorial will show you seven easy steps to add our Unity SDK to your project. We will guide you through how to sign up, register an app, import the SDK and place your first ad unit in your app.


  • Installed Unity versions 2017 or later
  • Adverty Unity SDK version 2.2.2f1
  • Some familarity with Unity

Step 1: Sign-up and Log in

Go to and signup as a publisher by clicking on “Sign up” in the top right corner. When you have signed up on you will receive an email to proceed with the account creation. When your account is created, log in and go to the Apps page by clicking on “Apps” in the left sidebar, which is where you manage your apps.

Step 2: Add your App

Add your app in the App tabs and follow the steps presented to you. During the process, you will get an API-key that you will need to enter in our Unity plugin later. You can at any time retrieve your API-key from the portal.

Step 3: Get the SDK

Next go to “Resources”, located in the left side bar. Click on the icon that directs to the Adverty SDK. You will get to our repository. Download our unitypackage and import it to your project.

Step 4: Add your API-key to the SDK

Go to the Tools->Adverty Menu and open the Settings tab. Paste in your application key and choose the correct platform for your application. (AR: Mobile AR, VR: Mobile and Desktop VR). Mark the checkbox “Sandox Mode”, which means the app will receive sample ads for testing purposes. Remember to uncheck it when you will publish your app

Step 5: Use sample script to start Adverty

Start an Adverty session when your app has been launched by calling Adverty.Init with UserData parameter.

using UnityEngine;
using Adverty;

public class InitializeAdvertySDK : MonoBehaviour
    private void Start()
        //Create UserData and initialize Adverty SDK
        UserData userData = new UserData(AgeSegment.Unknown, Gender.Unknown);

Step 6: Place an Ad Unit to the Scene

Navigate to Adverty → Prefabs and place either a GameUnit or a MenuUnit prefab into the scene view (Menu Unit needs to be added to a Canvas). Adjust its size and shape through the properties in the Unit component. You can change the size and on GameUnits also have the ability to change ratio and bend the unit to fit pillars and other cylindrical objects. Remember to fill in the Context tags of each Unit to enable us to target with relevant ads.

Step 7: Press run and you will receive your first Ad

Press play inside your editor and you will receive your first sample ad!
If you don’t get an ad, it could be because of these reasons:

  • Your device doesn’t support compute shaders (On Mac, make sure to run Metal editor)
  • Unity editor emulates a lower Graphics API. Go to Edit → Graphics Emulation and select “no emulation”.

More information is available in the Documentation

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